1981 Jeep CJ-7 4-Wheel-Drive offroad classic

By | December 13, 2017

33″ Mud Terrain Tires over powder-coated black wheels, Genuine Steel powder-coated bumpers front to back are paired with the factory fuel-injected inline-6 & 4-speed manual transmission
This is a CJ-7 to be proud of. Where on pavement or offroad, this Jeep is sure to please. This 1981 Jeep CJ7 is available at Texas Classic Cars of Dallas.

This HD classic 4-wheel-drive video was filmed by Samspace81
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( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander S-AWC is equipped with one of the more advanced AWD systems that works automatically. On the other hand, the 2016 Nissan Frontier 4×4 PRO-4X uses a 4×4 system that is controlled by the driver. How do they perform in the deep snow and on the steep Gold Mine Hill off-road test?

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21 thoughts on “1981 Jeep CJ-7 4-Wheel-Drive offroad classic

  1. Alistair Ward

    I don’t get it. How can a 4wd be deemed as a ‘proper 4×4’ when half the time it’s 2wd? All 4×4’s in the UK are full time 4wd, such as the Range Rover and Land Rover Discovery 5. What’s all this ‘part time 4wd until the driver selects differently?

  2. Chuck B

    Why are there no decent comparisons between AWD and 4×4? Same class of vehicle with same tires? Can someone please do this?

  3. Jerry Lee

    Thanks for making these videos! I'd love to see an off-road comparison between the new Crosstrek and Jeep Compass Trailhawk.

  4. Ryan Botelho

    How can the AWD compete if you are using all season tires against a 4×4 with off road tires? You guys didn’t really think this one out. That AWD system would outperform the 4×4 if the tire setup was flipped

  5. MRT

    Stupid comparison. I have gone places with the correct tires in an AWD and conversely gotten stuck with Lo range on a part time 4wd SUV in the past. Tires matter, not the systems.

  6. Steve Bynum

    At the very least have the same type of tire in comparison. Also the second vehicle has an advantage do you to the first vehicle packing it down a tad

  7. Fresh Step Carpet Cleaning

    Just watched it all to find out only one had snow tires. Sorry guys but thumbs down. Do a video on snow tires and how effective they are. This video is invalid 🙁

  8. Joe Johnson

    Why you use Mitsubishi Outlander which doesn't have true AWD? You should use the Subaru Forester which has real AWD.


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