Cool 4 WHEEL ADAPTERS images

By | December 3, 2017

Some cool 4 WHEEL ADAPTERS images:

2wd Axle
Image by ian’s dog n’bone
Design idea for a 2wd axle for a Tricycle or Quadracycle. Aside from a few machined adaptors & the axle shaft, all the parts are cheap & rugged ‘off the shelf’ items.

As I explained on Atomic Zombies forum:-

Omitted from the drawing are the wheels (the hubs are there in light blue) and the bearing blocks to mount the axle (they will be just inboard of Adapters 2 & 3, & just behind the cluster)

For clarity, the direction the Freewheels are threaded onto Adapters 2 & 3 is shown by an arrow.

So, here’s how it (theoretically) works:

* the drive is transmitted to the axle via the Sprocket cluster & Adapter 4
* the wheels use front mtb hubs as per the Warriors front wheels, thus are mounted to the axle on bearings and are free to rotate upon it
* from the axle, the drive passes through Adapters 2 & 3 to the centre of each Freewheel (the freewheels are working in reverse)
* the Freewheels transmit their drive to the Wheelhubs via Adapters 1 – these are bolted to the hubs ISO disc mount and have pegs that engage with the teeth of the Freewheels

The Spacer shown in red is there for the Wheelhub to tighten up against and must be long enough to keep some clearance between Adapter 1 & 2/3. Alternatively this could be part of Adapters 2/3.

The Adapters are of course machined parts but shouldn’t be something that will get much wear & tear.

The pegs on Adapter 1 that engage with the Freewheel teeth could be as simple as stainless steel allen screws if a reasonable number are used to share the load.

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Pansy – Violet/Yellow
Image by ljguitar
Pansy – Violet/Yellow – contrasting colors (exact opposite) on a color wheel

Olympus E-500 – 4/3 adapter – Nikon 50mm manual lens f/1.4 – 68mm extender tubes – handheld

Tiny Blue/Red/Orange
Image by ljguitar
EMP Contrasting colors – Orange/Purple/Red & the purple/white of the topmost buds.

Tiny Blue flowers with red and orange flowers in the background…the texture on these flowers is amazing. The section I shot is about 1.5 inches (2.5cm) long. I’ve never seen flowers with what looks like fur on them!! And from a distance the white in the top buds is not visible as white, just a different shade of purple.

Blue and Orange are contrasting colors – exact opposites on a standard color wheel.

Olympus E-500 – 4/3 adapter – Nikon 50mm manual lens f/1.4 – 68mm extender tubes – handheld

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