By | December 12, 2017

I NEED MORE SPACE! Today we install wheel spacers for better clearance and fitment of our wheels. Join our Community of DIY’ers: Follow us on Facebook for More DIY Goodness:

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Check out the other video we made that explains exactly what wheel spacers are, and what you should know before buying them:

– Generic 5MM Hub Centric Wheel Spacers


Tools Used:
– Ratchet
– 21mm Wrench
– Jack
– Wire Brush

The DIY Rep in this Video is Ally!

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Installing Wheel Spacers for Toyota 4x4 Solid Front Axle.  The pros and cons of using wheel spacers.

How to install wheel spacers on a Toyota 4×4. My thoughts on using wheel spacers, some of the pros and cons of using wheel spacers, and some of the tricks I’ve learned in dealing with wheel spacers over the years.

Generally, I’m a fan of wheel spacers. The biggest thing is just to realize that you’ve deviated from the factory tolerances and that parts (like wheel bearings) are going to wear faster from strain that falls outside the design parameters. but, if you’re running tires big enough to need wheel spacers, you probably know that already.

I say it in the video, but I can’t say it enough: Check those nuts that hold the spacer on often. Wheeling rigs have a freakish ability to loosen everything attached to them.
Video Rating: / 5


  1. Auggie Vela

    Where did you buy your spacers? Apparently the 5mm hub-centric spacers are very hard to find 😫

  2. AzNightmare

    How many mm are those spacers that you used? They didn't look that thick, but they're noticeable in those before/after pics.

  3. Harith Alkhayat

    Hello Everythingdiy! I have Audi A5 Coupe 2.0-2010 can i use front and back? or only front? Eibach Pro-Spacer Black (30 mm)

  4. Toyo 86

    man now this is a WOMEN, god i love it when a females actually know about cars and great video they explained it very well and what not to do you ladies just got a new subscriber

  5. Ramsess Yanez

    I orderd some 10mm hubcentric spacers like these for my rx8 with those ms3 wheels hope they fit likes these girls

  6. Theo Anderson

    Theoretical residence facility association T-shirt hour immigrant detect.

  7. Illustrious Gaming

    What if you want your wheels slightly sticking out? Is that not a good idea??

  8. Taco No Baka

    Just a small Toyota fanboy correction…In point of fact, the '79-'83 Toyota trucks seen here in the US were actually the 3rd Gen HiLux and were not the first generation seen here in the US, just the first 4WD version. The 4th Gen '84-'85 years still had solid front axles but were replaced with the IFS in '86. The last generation of the HiLux sold in the US was the 5th Gen which ran from '89-'94 (in the US, but continued to '97 elsewhere).

    Sorry to geek out on ya 6 and a half years later, haha. =D

  9. Oscar Puga

    Have a 4×4 2000 should i get wheel spacer same size as center bore? Also should i get hub centric or lug centric i dont know difference

  10. Robert Murillo

    How have those wheel spacers held up. I've always had doubts on wheel spacers particularly on aluminum spacers. Since the 12 holes machined on the spacer actually weaken the aluminum spacer itself. And aluminum under stress will not bend like metal they will just to to failure and crack or break apart.

  11. Naples Treasure Hunter

    willie.. i have the same truck. Do we have hub-centric or lug-centric on our trucks?

  12. Edwin Mendija

    What brand spacers do you recommend and what is better steel or aluminum? Where do you buy your spacers from?

  13. papa54321

    I agree you get more stability but no pain no gain, you will destroyed your bearing assy and your ball joints way faster

  14. wannabeangler

    I have a 99 ram 1500 solid front axle with coil over shock suspension. She's old and time for upgrades. I have had 33" tires on stock wheels for ages and heard many negative comments about adding spacers until recent times. Do you think it would be safe to add between 1 1/2" to 2" wheel spacers? In your opinion, which is a better option between the 2 spacer sizes? My rims are 16×7 and my tires are 285x75x16. I encounter a little bit of rubbing on tight turns. Is this a viable and safe solution that I am considering? Thanks!

  15. littleeddy97621

    i have a 2000 daihatsu terios (google it, im in australia not sure if it exists in america) and its extremely narrow and tipsy, so logically would wheel spacers help it to prevent tipping on things such as small beach dunes? its not an extreme 4×4 but its very underrated however it is tipsy and i see this as a solution. let me know what you think thanks!

  16. Fred 79

    thanks for your quick reply, that's really helpful, I'll take your advice.

  17. Fred 79

    Hi, I have a Toyota FJ Cruiser 2014 and I put a set of offroad tires when I bought it in dec 2014, 3 days ago I installed 2" wheel spacers on it, it looks great, but I'm concern if those spacers can affect any part underneath the vehicle of if it's gonna have any limitation on or offroad, thanks in advance.

  18. Ra40Rob

    For anyone from Australia these are not legal in any state for on road use.

  19. enriqueroman62

    Can you tell me how much would a lift and wheel spacer affect the performance (speed, handling) of a 2015 Tacoma TRD Sport ?, what would be the most reasonable limit for both ? (wheel spacer and lift)

  20. Monte Overton

    WheeliePete you are the man. Thanks for making all these videos. You do such a great job and your shop tips are always incredibly helpful. I've started watching your youtube channel instead of TV.

  21. Noah Rule

    I have Toyota Tundra 245/75/16 tirres (Stock) I replaced all bearings last year do you think I would be good running 4 1 1/2in wheel Spacers I did replace the rims as well could you help me out?

  22. Jordan Long

    Hey there, I've heard some pretty grim stories from studs shearing and wheels falling off due to extra stress from spacers.  Im after a slightly wider stance on my 79 series landcruiser. 4 inch lifted with 35's.  Will spacers put 'that' much extra strain on certain components? I was thinking something in the realm of 25mm.

  23. Dnastyyyyy

    Is there a special grade nut that is to be used to attach the spacer itself?

  24. Braydon Givan

    I wanna put 2" wheel spacers on my 1994 f-250 with 8" lift and 38" tires, will I be putting too much stress on my axles if I do hardcore mudding, but no hauling?

  25. Christian Ohlin

    I have a 3" lift with 33's on my 94 4runner, i am planning on puting 2" wheel spacers on but was concerned about the wheels rubbing when i turn. now without the wheel spacers when i turn sharp i get rubbing on the fender trim. any thoughts? will the spacers make it worse or better?


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