Top 5 Serious off-road rides reviewed, driven and tested

By | December 13, 2017

( ) What’s the best off-road ride that you can buy today? We at The fast Lane Car are lucky to drive a different car every week so we’ve had the chance to drive many (if not most) the best off-road rides on the market. Here are the top 5 off-road rides that we’ve driven in 2011.
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20 thoughts on “Top 5 Serious off-road rides reviewed, driven and tested

  1. John Zhao

    Stop talking non-sense here, everyone!!! Why don't you set a challenge with anyone who has a JP shit 4×4 and a jeep wrangler, both with factory standard stocks, and goon a series of tracks. See who can make it out. Fking keyboard worriors!!!!!

  2. Carl Doose

    Best description I've ever heard of a manual transmission: "It's like having a cigar in your hand". Brilliant! I love it!

  3. Vinay Deshpande

    One thing I noticed is pajero reviews are far less. If they call it mountain goat why this exclusion

  4. Nicole Curry

    My wranglers are everything to me there's no reason to trade them inn for anything else

  5. Dylan Verkler

    Th funny thing is that my aunts crv goes over boulders at our cabin with ease and through small lakes 😂😂

  6. Gavin Jonk

    Hi guys i live in namibia i had a toyota land cruiser a hilux and landie   i do a lot of offroading and let me tell you they all suck i bought myself a jeep and dont regret if for mud dunes rocks buy a jeep you just have to have very deep pockets hey are very very heavy on fuel….

  7. MrShaka1965

    you blokes make me 1990 3ltr v6 pajero lwb wagon thats done 350,000km can easily do that track.

  8. NorMI Living

    Apparently your definition of serious off roaders is very different than mine.

  9. Bram de Haan

    myth content impressive million one educational happy action criteria works worry

  10. Slyteradon Raptor

    "You look like a Vietnamese carp farmer" holy fuck that's funny

  11. The Lizard 2017

    wtf?suvs and no defender?is a shit video.How those shit cars are offroaders

  12. jak p

    The clip of the fj is so weird. It's like you spliced in a clip from a totally different channel.

  13. Roger Metzger

    It's bad enough that most people who haven't driven 4WD vehicles think "off-road" means "tearing up the landscape". Do you have to also say it that way in so many words? All that "helps" do is get more public roads on public land closed to the public.


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