Wheel Spacers explained – from Driftworks

By | December 10, 2017

James runs through the two main types of wheel spacers plus some advice on what to fit in what situation, and the features and benefits of each type. A huge range of wheel spacers and adapters are for sale at http://www.driftworks.com/wheel-spacers/
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20 thoughts on “Wheel Spacers explained – from Driftworks

  1. hawaii life ,custom rod builder

    where can i get 1 inch hub centric spacers for a nissan hardbody.

  2. Judy Song

    so if hub centric adapter was so important , why isn't it illegal for manufacturer to sell non hub centric?

  3. Robert Murillo

    Do you have not liable for damages disclaimer? Remember when aluminum wheel spacers are machined 10 holes are made on the spacer weakening it substantially. Note no auto manufacturer uses aluminum on the hub assembly for a good enough reason.

  4. bigkarl24

    The weight of the car carried on the hub is false
    Some cars don't come with them
    The centric hub is mainly is mounting purposes and vibration and easier to balance

    Most aftermarket wheels don't support centric hubs

  5. Cowboy Colt

    I've been having problems getting the wheel spacer to fit around my hub is there a trick you could suggest for a easier fit?

  6. Don Ladouceur

    Like the video. The question I have is can a wheel spacer be used on the rear of a 1972 F100 to increase the tire size from 15 inch to 17 inch plus move it out to match the offset of the front axle/crossmember. I plan on putting a 2006 Crown victoria rack and pinion steering in my F100 but the set up will be a bit wider than what the current stock is. Therefore I have to enlarge my tires to 17 inch and move my rear differential out a bit and use bigger tires / rims. Is there a wheel spacer that will work on the rear wheel axles? Any advice would be appreciated. A reply email to ladouceurdon@gmail would be great.

  7. J Bouchard

    FYI to everyone. A properly installed wheel adapter doesn't carry the load on the hub or studs. The load is carried by the friction created by properly bolting the adapter on. The hub or studs centre the adapter on. So many videos that give misinformation on wheel adapters/spacers

  8. Richard Mercado

    I have a 2009 acura tl and my new modification is 245,35,20 245,45,17 the previous was, what would be the right wheel spacer for this modification

  9. Neil Reed

    I've got a Peugeot 406 Estate & wanting to put wheel spacers on the car would you recommend that I put spacers of all corners ????

  10. Colin Lavery

    hi iv got a bmw 300i e92 m sport coupe 2007 . not sure what size to get .?

  11. Ray murphy

    I bought some 22" rims for my tundra. and the hub on the rim is smaller than the hub on the truck. the bolt pattern lines up. would spacers allow me to use the rims that I have with my truck?

  12. lol

    Does it matter if I buy non brand spacers from eBay rather than h&r wheel spacers BC they're more expensive?


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